BC Libro


Presenting BahayCobo’s first project: BC Libro. screenless play with a smart toy and interactive book.

An interactive smart toy designed to keep your little one busy with different games, stories, music and other activities. Using this toy, your child can enjoy learning new things while playing interactive games without using a smartphone (screenless play). It can be tailored to your little one’s needs. You can download different activities that you see fit for your child. BC Libro is an affordable one-time purchase with unlimited content as long as the community of content creators is active.


  • Screen addiction of children
  • Global pandemic of myopia (eye-related problem) and speech delays in children
  • Low literacy score of Filipino children (Math, English, Mother tongue, Science, and etc.)
  • Help in the new normal education (modular and online)
  • Current available smart toys are too expensive
  • Smartphone are preferred over Screenless smart toy
  • Current smart toys have static content (minimal or no updates)
  • Cannot justify cost vs benefits
  • Majority of educational tools require a computer or stable Internet connection

How do we solve these problems?

The BC Libro is our solution to these problems. One of the goals is to create a community of creators to create content for this screenless play. In this way, children have access to more meaningful contents that are tailored for them and as long as the community is active, the content is endless. Boredom will be out of the picture and so is the screen.

Parents want the best for their children but the current available smart toys are either too expensive or have very limited content. Expanding the activities would mean buying new sets. BC Libro is designed to be affordable for every Filipino child. 



  • Interactive smart book
  • Screenless toy/learning tool
  • Aid for assistive learning for Mother tongue-based and modular learning
  • Community-driven content updates to ensure updated
  • Affordable smart toy intended for Filipinos
  • Core features does not require a computer or Internet connection



BC Libro Offers

Screenless Playtime

Improves Vocabulary

Interactive Playtime


Assistive Learning Tool

Community-driven Content

Develop Perception

Develop Reasoning

How it Works

It’s still at the prototyping stage but its major components are illustrated here.

Are you a parent who wants to “detox” your child from the screen? 

BC Libro screenless smart toy is designed to be affordable for every Filipino family.  


As a 21st century parent, our problems are different from what our parents had when we were growing up but we still have the same goal– to raise our children the best way possible. With the advent of the internet and the smartphone, a new problem arises: screen-dependency. The solution is a screenless smart toy that can ignite children’s imagination and would keep their interest in learning. 

BC Libro will not be as expensive as the current available smart toys in the market since BahayCobo’s goal is to help every child reach their full potential by giving them access to BC Libro.


Road Map

Create an online platform for accessing activities / lessons / games

Open-source project so that anyone can contribute and improve it

Produce high quality contents backed by sponsors/donations which will be accessible by everyone for FREE

Distribute to low-income Filipino families with the help of sponsors/partners

BAHAYCOBO founders

BahayCobo was created by Gecel & Michael to solve problems that every Filipino family faces. The first project, BC Libro, was created for their child, iona, their 4-year-old daughter. They are both Software Engineers who love to explore and find ways on how to utilize technology that will make lives easier and less complicated. In their free time, they play with their lovely daughter, iona.

We will contact you once this is available or has updates

For inquiries, please contact [email protected]